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Power Scrub Soft Roller for Multi Surface Hard Floors

Power Scrub Soft Roller for Multi Surface Hard Floors

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Special Feature

•Innovative 630W Synchronized Digital Motor up to 220AW        

Extreme Suction → Vacuum Faster & Cleaner!

2-in-1 Cordless, with EZ-Detach handheldunit for quick clean up +EZ-CLICK-IN Li-Ion Battery!

EZ-ONE Press Disposal. For
Fast-&-Easy emptying dust bin

Products Size

Product weight

~2.9kg  (~6.39lbs)

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Powerful Suction when you need it most!

Experience the Next-Level of superior suction with one of the highest air watts on a stick vacuum.
Innovative 630W Synchronized Digital Motor …up to 220 Air Watts

Clean Up Even in the Dark with LED-Equipped Vacuum Nozzle

VC14 vacuum nozzle with LED lights allows for easy cleaning in dark or dimly lit spaces. The LED lights highlight hidden dirt and debris, while the nozzle's specialized design helps to access hard-to-reach areas. This makes cleaning more efficient and effective.

Easily Keep Your Car Seats Spotless with VC14

Keep your car's interior looking clean and fresh with our vacuum attachments specifically designed for cleaning car seats. These attachments make it easy to remove dirt, dust, and debris from even the most hard-to-reach areas of your car's seats.

  • Powerful Suction with Energy-Efficient Design.

    The Synchronized Digital Motor’s advanced technology helps optimize run time and combined with our innovative design helps generate Max Suction Power up to 220 Air Watts.

  • Dual Pro High Efficiency Filter System

    Provides up to 99.9% dust and
    air separation (up to 0.3μm dust removed). Includes EZ-CLEAN inlet filter to capture dirt and maintenance-free outlet filter to capture allergens.

  • Ergonomic

    Ergonomic Wellness Design to
    let your wrist stretch naturally for ease of use.

  • EZ-ONE Press Disposal

    For Fast-&-Easy emptying dust bin.

  •  Easy One-Touch Control

    Easily control the speed and power with a touch of the hand using LED. Display with advanced technology period helps optimize suction power to achieve efficient & convenient cleaning when in auto mode.

  • Hi-Performance Motorized / ElectricTools

    Innovative Anti-Tangle Design, making vacuuming a little more enjoyable.

  • EZ-Clean

    Easily Maintain with Water-Friendly Filters.

  • Motorized Multi-Surface Soft Roller

    For Hard Floorwith an Innovative Tangle-Resistant Design, Natural Bright White LED Light for better clarity, making vacuuming a littlemore enjoyable

  • Motorized Multi-Surface with Softer Carpet Friendly Bristles

    Composite Floor Nozzle with an InnovativeTangle-Resistant
    Design, making vacuuming a little more enjoyable

  • Mini-Electric Mattress

    Sofa / Stairs with Softer Friendly Bristles / Composite Brush

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  • VC14 Handheld Body

  • Aluminum Extension Tube

  • Multi-Surface Hard Floor Soft Roller, Natural Brite-White LED Light

  • Motorized Multi-Surface Carpet
    Friendly Softer Bristles/Composite Strips Roller

  • Mini Electric Mattress / Sofa / Stairs
    Cleaner Brush

  • Deluxe 2-in-1 Sofa Brush

  • Deluxe 2-in-1 Crevice Tool

  • Deluxe Soft Hairbrush

  • Deluxe Pet Hair Removal Brush

  • Flexible/Stretch Hose

  • Bendable Connector

  • Accessory Storage Bag

  • Shorter Cleaning Brush with Cutter

  • Longer Cleaning Brush with Bristles

  • Wall Mount Docking Station

  • CLICK-IN Hi-Capacity Lion-Ion Battery Pack

  • Premium Fast Charger


Replaceable Battery Pack Type

28.8 V Easy Change – CLICK-IN Hi
Capacity Battery Pack

Estimated Run Time

~70 min* on Eco Power

Dust Box / Capacity / Filter

~ 580ml/HEPA Filter

Max Suction Power

Up to 220 AW*

Charge Time

~3.5 Hours

*Run time and Air Watts (AW) may vary based on usage, power mode, floor type, dust levels and/or attachments/tools being used.